Why is my transaction still pending?

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How Ethereum & Polygon (EVM) transactions are processed

Processing transactions on the EVM blockchain in general operate in the same manner as the Solana blockchain when it comes sending assets from one address to another address.  However it's important to highlight the main difference between these two as it may cause transactions to take longer or become stuck in a 'pending' state.


Gas Configuration

Before sending a transaction on EVM you will need to configure the gas settings to an amount that you are willing to pay.  Once the transaction is sent, it will be placed in a holding pool also referred to as the 'local memory pool'.  When transactions are in this pool, they are prioritized by the amount of gas that has been payed.


Why is this important?

Since transaction fees are so high its common for users to want to pay less for transactions and will often set a low gas limit.  In addition, a congested network may also effect whether there is enough space for a transaction with such a small gas configuration which can lead to a transaction being stuck in a "pending" state. 


What can I do?

The next steps would be to determine if you would like to speed up the transaction or cancel the transaction.  For steps on how to do so visit the support links:

How do I speed up my transaction?

How do I cancel my transaction?






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