How to enable / disable notifications?

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A notification is a message that Phantom Wallet displays outside of your app to provide the user with information about transactions, swaps, updates, or other timely alerts from your wallet. Users can tap the notification to view details in the Phantom app.

Currently, notifications are a unique feature for Mobile only.

You can choose which type of notifications to activate and which ones not, or completely disable them.

To enable notifications on Phantom:
Open your Phantom app > Tap on the wallet icon (top left) to access Settings > Notifications. Allow Notifications > Activate switch.

After this, a list will appear with the types of notifications offered by Phantom, you can enable or disable the switch corresponding to a specific notification to add or remove it.

To disable notifications on Phantom:
Open your Phantom app > Tap Settings > Notifications. Allow Notifications > Disable switch.

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