Importing an Existing Wallet into Phantom

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Do NOT, under any circumstances, share your Secret Recovery Phrase or Private Keys with anyone! Due to the nature of Phantom being a non-custodial wallet, only you and anyone with access to these keys can control your wallet and its assets. Remember, Phantom support will NEVER ask you for your Secret Recovery Phrase or Private Keys. Protect your information to ensure your security.

If you're already using crypto wallets that support Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and Bitcoin, and are considering switching to Phantom, we have great news! Phantom offers a seamless migration process, enabling you to easily import all your wallets using either your Secret Recovery Phrase or Private Keys. Transitioning to Phantom has never been easier or more secure.

Currently, Phantom only allows you to import a 12 or 24-word seed phrase. If you have a seed phrase of a different length that you need to import, you will have to utilize a different wallet that supports the specific length of your seed phrase.


How to Import a Secret Recovery Phrase:

  1. Click on the Wallet Menu.
  2. Select Add/Connect Wallet ➕.
  3. Click on Import Secret Recovery Phrase.
  4. Enter your secret recovery phrase and follow the prompts.

How to Import a Private Key:

Verify that you are using the correct private key format for your chain (Solana/ETH/Polygon).  Your private key will only import a single account.

Solana private key👇 2P3qgS5A18gGmZJmYHNxYrDYPyfm6S3dJgs8tPW6ki6i2o4yx7K8r5N8CF7JpEtQiW8mx1kSktpgyDG1xuWNzfsM
ETH/Polygon private key👇
Bitcoin private key👇
Your private can be pasted in or manually entered, however it is case sensitive so be sure to pay close attention to avoid any errors.
  1. Click on the Wallet Menu.
  2. Select Add/Connect Wallet ➕.
  3. Click on Import Private Key.
  4. Choose a name >  Select the network from the drop down > Enter the private key.


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