Why don't I see Ethereum, Polygon, or Bitcoin addresses on my Ledger or Imported (Private Key) Account(s)?

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During the migration process from Solana only to Multi-chain wallet, Phantom is unable to automatically derive your Ledger device accounts on other networks. 

To add your Ethereum and Polygon addresses you will need to:

  1. plug in your ledger device
  2. click the top-left icon
  3. click the + icon
  4. click connect hardware wallet
  5. follow the instructions shown on screen
  6. select all networks offered (eg. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana)


Solana only Ledger account:

Solana + ETH + Polygon Account:

To learn which derivation paths Phantom uses, please visit this support article.

For additional support regarding Ledger wallet devices, please visit Ledger's support site.




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