Preparation steps for Phantom Extension + Ledger users Migrating Y00ts to Polygon

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Follow these steps to be ready for the migration process.

On Phantom Extension, connect a new, additional Ledger account:

  1. click the hamburger icon

  2. click +

  3. select Connect Hardware Wallet

  4. select all three chains

  5. complete the steps until you have a new, additional multi-chain Ledger account on Phantom

On the day of the migration, select the SOL account where your y00ts are “From”, and then toggle Phantom to the Matic account you want them to migrate “To” (the one we just created above)

Note: Before you click Next, toggle Phantom back to the SOL wallet your y00ts reside on!


If you removed your Solana-only Ledger account from Phantom, and are unable to restore it, please contact support for further assistance.

Any other questions or issues, reach out to Phantom support in-app under settings > about > help & support 🙏

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