Why does Phantom require browser permissions?

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When installing Phantom you might have noticed an alert requesting permission to "read and change all your data on all websites". This permission is necessary for Phantom Wallet to serve you effectively. Let's delve into the reason behind this.

The Essence of the Permission:

Phantom Wallet isn't your typical browser extension. It's a conduit between you and the exciting world of Web3, a decentralized network that operates differently from the traditional web. This unique position necessitates that Phantom Wallet have permission to exchange data with these networks, ultimately empowering you to take control in the Web3 ecosystem.

A Peek Under the Hood:

Technically speaking, Phantom Wallet introduces a JavaScript object into every page you visit. This helps dapps engage with the blockchain network and access public wallet data such as your NFTs, transaction history, or token balances.

Your Trust is Paramount:

At Phantom Wallet, we understand the importance of trust. Web3 encourages users to verify information for themselves. To reinforce your confidence in using Phantom Wallet and navigating Web3, consider creating a sandbox for your Phantom Wallet. This means setting up a separate browser profile dedicated to your Phantom Wallet. This isolated environment allows you to explore Web3 while keeping your data access strictly controlled.

Rest easy knowing that Phantom Wallet is developed with a robust focus on security, with the primary goal of ensuring a secure browsing experience for all its users.

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