How to use Ledger on your iPhone or Android with Phantom

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Connecting Ledger accounts

To connect your Ledger accounts with Phantom Mobile, first navigate to the accounts menu.

  1. Navigate to the Add / Connect Wallet screen.
  2. Select Connect Hardware Wallet.
  3. Allow Bluetooth permissions when prompted.
  4. Have your Ledger device nearby and unlock the device, make sure Bluetooth is turned ON.
  5. Tap on the device to pair with it.
  6. If this is your first time pairing with this device, you'll be shown a pairing code. Ensure both your Ledger device and your phone is showing the same code, then accept it on both devices (double-tap on Ledger).
  7. Select which chains you would like to connect on your Ledger account.
  8. Follow instructions when prompted to open the selected Ledger app on your Ledger device.
    1. If you selected all 4 chains (Solana, Ethereum, Polygon, and Bitcoin), you will need to switch Ledger apps after Solana accounts are connected. When prompted, switch to the Ethereum or Bitcoin app. 
  9. Phantom will look for activity in Ledger accounts.
  10. If you tap Select Accounts, you may choose which accounts to connect by tapping on any of them.
  11. Press Continue to connect selected accounts. You will automatically be switched to the first Ledger account you connected.
  12. Your Ledger account is now ready to use!

Signing a Transaction

To sign a transaction with Ledger, start the transaction as you normally would, then follow the prompts to connect your Ledger. The video above is an example sending BONK token.

  1. Prepare your transaction, such as sending BONK token.
  2. Before you press Connect, have your Ledger device nearby and unlock the device.
  3. Wait until your Ledger device and Phantom mobile app pair.
  4. In order to sign a transaction, you'll need to open the correct Ledger app on your Ledger device. When prompted, open the Ledger app.
  5. Approve the transaction on your Ledger device.



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