How to send tokens using domain names?

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Sending tokens has become even easier and more intuitive with the integration of domain names. Now, you can effortlessly send and receive tokens using domain names on the Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon networks.

When it comes to transferring tokens on Solana, you can utilize domain names like .sol, .abc, .bonk, and more.

For Ethereum and Polygon, you can make use of domain names ending in .eth

Simply enter the domain name in the address field, and you're all set to initiate the transfer!

domain send flow.png

Blockchain Domain Naming Service allows users to replace complex blockchain addresses with human-readable domain names. By registering unique domain names, users can simplify transactions, interact with decentralized applications, and easily share their assets without the need to remember long wallet addresses.

Want to register a domain name for your wallet address? Head over to any of the following naming service protocols to get started:

Bonfida's Solana Naming Service (SNS) -

Onsol lab's Alternative Naming Service (ANS) - and

Ethereum Naming Service (ENS) - 


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