Why won't my SOL balance zero out when I click MAX?

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You may have noticed that when you send the max amount of SOL to another account or perform a max swap of SOL, you are often left with a small amount of residual SOL, commonly referred to as "dust." This dust SOL serves two purposes:

  • It is used to cover the transaction fee during the send process, ensuring that the transaction is successfully executed.

  • During a swap, you may end up with a slightly larger amount of dust SOL. This is due to two reasons:
    1. Ensuring the success of your swap: By reserving a small amount of SOL, it guarantees that the swap transaction can be executed without any issues.
    2. Providing SOL for future transactions: Leaving a small amount of SOL ensures that you do not end up with no SOL at all, allowing you to perform subsequent transactions without any hindrance.

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