Why is my secret phrase getting upgraded?

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Phantom is like a digital safe where you store your valuable digital assets, like cryptocurrencies. The key to this safe is a special sequence of words known as a recovery phrase or seed phrase. This sequence isn't completely random; it's specially formulated to act like a sophisticated password that keeps your valuables secure.

Previously, Phantom was using a unique method to generate recovery phrases. While these phrases effectively secured your assets and worked perfectly with Phantom, they were slightly different from the traditional format followed by the majority of digital wallets.

To ensure full compatibility with other wallets and maintain industry standards, Phantom updated these recovery phrases. This process, also known as "checksum," is a bit like a spell-checker ensuring you haven't made any typos in your password. It's also similar to the checksum used in credit cards.

Now, Phantom has updated your recovery phrase to align with this standard. This ensures not just the safety of your assets within Phantom, but also ease of use and compatibility with other digital wallets. Just like before, it's crucial to keep this new secret recovery phrase in a safe place as it is the only way to restore your wallet. You'll have the same accounts as before, but with a safer and more secure secret phrase!



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