Buying ETH with PayPal

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Currently, PayPal access is limited to the U.S. region.

Phantom Introduces a fast and hassle-free option to purchase ETH within the app using our seamless integration with PayPal.

To get started, simply open up the Phantom app and head to the "Assets" tab. Look for the "Buy" button and tap on it.

Next, choose Ethereum (ETH) from the list of available tokens.

Fiatonramp PayPal 1.png

You have the flexibility to either enter a custom amount of ETH or select one of our quick buy options.

Lastly, select the PayPal option as your preferred payment method and you will see a pop up asking for your PayPal credentials. 

Fiatonramp PayPal 2.png

If you have any questions regarding your PayPal account or issues purchasing funds please reach out to PayPal support for the best assistance.

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