Revoking token allowances or smart contracts access to your funds

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On Solana blockchain sometimes scammers ask users to approve malicious transactions to delegate ownership of the ATAs (sub-addresses used to store a specific token) to them. This way they can drain your funds even after the malicious dApp is disconnected in the app.
Please before proceeding remember that Phantom is not responsible for any third-party tools, dapps or their results.
You can try to revoke the allowance that attackers might have on your associated token accounts:
We strongly recommend that you create a new wallet with a new recovery phrase and transfer all remaining assets to the new wallet, then stop using the compromised wallet. Remember to download only from the official website
Please DO NOT follow instructions on airdropped and unsolicited NFTs, they usually are scammers trying to reveal your Secret Recovery Phrase or to connect and approve malicious transactions with your wallet in order to steal your funds.
In EVM blockchains like Ethereum or Polygon the scammers can rely on smart contracts that allow them to use your funds, we would recommend you to follow this official documentation (remember we are not responsible for third party tools or dapps):

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