How to use Instant Sell feature to sell NFTs

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Now you can sell your NFTs and get immediate liquidity using the "Instant Sell" feature.

We aggregate offers from the top marketplaces to get you the best possible price. Then we serve it to you directly within your NFT. If you have an offer, you'll see an Instant Sell banner with a "sell now” price listed, which is your NFT's highest available bid.

Instant sell 1.png

Click on the banner to see your full offer details, such as the marketplace, estimated fees, estimated profit/loss, and other helpful information. If you like the offer, click to accept. That’s it.

Instant sell 2.png

We currently gather bids from Solana and EVM marketplaces such as Blur, OpenSea, X2Y2, LooksRare, Magic Eden, and Tensor.

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