How to use Auto-Confirm

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The Auto-confirm feature is designed to smoothly validate transactions automatically as you interact with your favorite dApps. It's currently, still in beta and is available only through Magic Eden, Tensor, Jupiter Exchange, Star Atlas, Opensea, and Matcha.

If you don't happen to see Auto-Confirm enabled while using a dApp, then we have not yet approved it for that particular dApp.


There are two ways to enable auto-confirm.

1. Navigate to Settings > Connected Apps > Select the dApp > Enable auto-confirm.

Auto confirm 2.png

2. When initiating a transaction, you'll get a transaction confirmation pop-up window.  Select the "Auto-Confirm" option and then enable it. 

Auto-confirm 1.png


Disabling Auto-Confirm

To turn off auto-confirm, navigate to Settings > Connected apps > Choose the dapp > Toggle the auto-confirm button to the off position.

While this is an amazing feature, we are aware that a malicious dApp can take advantage of this functionality. To prevent this, we have implemented key security measures to keep your funds safe:

  1. We are limiting the auto-confirm feature to trusted partners.
  2. Auto-confirm will be turned OFF by default; when enabled, it will remain active for only 2 hours and is rate-limited to a maximum of 10 transactions/minute.
  3. Transactions are still simulated in the background with the help of Blowfish. If we detect any suspicious requests, we will exit the auto-confirm mode and provide you with a warning.
  4. For projects that would like to be added to use Auto-Confirm, please email and someone will get back to you.

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