How to use Auto-Confirm

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The Auto-confirm feature is still in beta and it is available only for Magic Eden, Tensor, Jupiter Exchange, Star Atlas, Opensea, and Matcha.

We are excited to announce the auto-confirm feature, designed to smoothly validate transactions automatically as you interact with your favorite dapps. 

There are two ways to enable auto-confirm.

1. You can navigate to Settings > Connected Apps > Select the dapp > Enable auto-confirm.

Auto confirm 2.png

2. When you initiate a transaction, you'll get a transaction confirmation pop-up window, select the "Auto-Confirm" option and then enable it. 

Auto-confirm 1.png

How to disable Auto-Confirm?

To turn off auto-confirm, navigate to Settings > Connected apps > Choose the dapp > Toggle the auto-confirm button to the off position.


While this is an amazing feature, we are aware that a malicious dapp can take advantage of this functionality. To prevent this, we have implemented key security measures to keep your funds safe:

  1. We are limiting the auto-confirm feature to trusted partners.
  2. Auto-confirm will be turned OFF by default; when enabled, it will remain active for only 2 hours and it is limited to a maximum of 10 transactions/minute.
  3. Transactions are still simulated in the background with the help of blowfish. If we detect any suspicious requests, we will exit the auto-confirm mode and provide you with a warning.

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