How to Disconnect your Wallet from dApps

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Disconnecting wallets is not the same as revoking token approvals or smart contract allowances. To learn how to revoke token approvals, please check out this article: How to revoke token approvals or smart contract access to your funds

When you connect your wallet to a dApp, you are essentially granting the dApp permission to access information about your wallet, such as the wallet address, the tokens it contains, your transaction history, and the ability to initiate transactions.

Disconnecting the wallet will revoke read-only access meaning the dApps will no longer be able to see what's inside your wallet and initiate transactions.

Here are the steps to disconnect your Phantom wallet from all connected dApps:

  1. Click on the hamburger menu and select the settings icon
  2. Then, scroll down and select 'Connected Apps'
  3. Lastly, in the top right corner select the 3 dots and click 'Disconnect from all'

Disconnect all.png

To disconnect from one dApp, simply select the dApp you wish to disconnect from and scroll to the bottom where you will see the option to disconnect.

If you had previously given token approvals or smart contract allowances, they will still retain the ability to move your funds even if you disconnect the wallet. Therefore, you must be absolutely certain about the dApps you are connecting to and the permissions you are granting them.

To clarify, if you are uncertain about a particular dApp, please refrain from connecting it to your wallet. We understand that sometimes you may wish to explore unfamiliar Web3 dApps. In such cases, consider creating a burner wallet to connect with these dApps.

Always remember, no legitimate dApp will ever request you to enter your seed phrase or private key to connect or transact.

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