Why don't I have the option to Buy or Swap tokens in Phantom?

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At Phantom, we adhere to regional compliance standards. As a result, certain features like our fiat-onramp and swapper functionalities might be restricted in some regions.

For the majority of our users, the Phantom wallet operates with full functionality. However, depending on your region, you may experience limitations such as the inability to perform in-app swaps or purchases. 

For example, if you click on the buy option in Phantom you may see that the buy screen is blank not displaying any options to purchase tokens.  If you are trying to swap tokens you will see a warning that says "No quotes found".

Despite these limitations, the core functionalities of the wallet remain unaffected. Phantom wallet continues to securely and privately hold your cryptocurrency in a non-custodial manner. Additionally, it facilitates the receipt of cryptocurrency from external parties and allows seamless interaction with web3 applications.

In rare instances, Phantom wallet might not be supported in your region due to compliance constraints. Should you encounter any of these limitations or have further inquiries, we strongly encourage you to read our terms of service.

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