How to purchase Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens

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The current Ordinals Beta only supports Magic Eden and More dapps will be available in future releases!

How to buy Ordinals on MagicEden

MagicEden uses both your Native Segwit address and your Taproot address to purchase Ordinals.  Your Native Segwit address will be used as your "Payment address" and your Taproot address is your "Ordinals address" which will be used to received and store your Ordinals.

First, enable both your Native Segwit and Taproot address in your Phantom wallet. (Settings > Preferences > Preferred Bitcoin Address)Portfolio (11).png


Next, Navigate to > Select Bitcoin in the top left of the page, then press Connect.

If you already have a wallet connected to Magic Eden, you need to disconnect it first before you can connect a Bitcoin wallet. Portfolio (12).png


Before you make your first transaction, you will need to enable trading by preparing your wallet. This process is done by MagicEden to ensure that your transactions are fully decentralized and that your Ordinals can be safely transferred on the network.

To prepare your wallet click the "Prepare Your Wallet" button...

Portfolio (13).png

This will take you to a transaction in your wallet that needs to be approved. Once it's approved and the transaction is confirmed, you will be able to purchase an Ordinals.


How to buy Ordinals & BRC-20 tokens on UniSat

If you have both your Native Segwit and Taproot address enabled, Unisat will default to your Native Segwit address for both payments and receipt of inscription

If you only have your Taproot address enabled, Uninsat will use Taproot for both.

Portfolio (14).png

Connect your wallet and click "Sign" when prompted to sign the message. 

When you're ready to buy your inscription you'll see this confirmation screen where you have the option to customize your network fee.

Portfolio (15).png

Once you're ready, click confirm and your transaction will begin to process.

Just a reminder, Bitcoin transactions can take some time to process, so you may not receive the confirmation right away. Also, please note that your account balance may not immediately reflect the transaction.


If you have any problems, please reach out to our support team. They're here to help!


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