Troubleshooting Unreceived Tokens sent to or from an Exchange

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It's worth noting that although centralized exchanges offer instant transactions, the verification process for withdrawals may take 2-5 days in some cases.

Solana Transactions:

Solana transactions usually process instantly, and you will receive a transaction ID. If you didn't receive a transaction ID, we advise that you reach out to the exchange or make sure the transaction didn't fail.

  • If your SOL or SPL tokens are not received
    • Check the transaction ID or wallet address on to verify the confirmation status
    • Verify the receiving wallet address is the correct wallet address.
    • Addresses are case-sensitive, which means that the characters must match exactly as they appear in the original address.

Ethereum/Polygon Transactions:

When sending tokens from an exchange, it's crucial to exercise caution in selecting the network.

Exchanges may default to networks other than Ethereum or Polygon, potentially leading to unintentional transfers to the wrong network. EVM addresses might appear the same but can belong to different chains.

What if I sent the tokens using the wrong network?

  • If you sent the tokens from an exchange, you may be able to recover them here: Recovering Tokens on Unsupported Networks
  • If you sent the tokens to an exchange, you will need to contact the exchange to see if they can recover the tokens for you

Final Considerations:

  • Always double-check addresses, as wallet addresses are case-sensitive.
  • Track transactions on relevant blockchain explorers.
  • Be aware of different versions of tokens on various chains.

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