Recovering Tokens from Unsupported Networks

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We acknowledge the challenges users face when sending tokens on an EVM network, given the multitude of networks and identical addresses. 

If the funds were mistakenly sent to an EVM address on a network that Phantom doesn't support (e.g. Base, BSC, ARB, OP, Avalanche, etc.), worry not; you can still access them by utilizing an Ethereum/EVM-compatible wallet like MetaMask.

Steps for Recovery:

  1. Identify the network to which the tokens were mistakenly sent.
  2. Open MetaMask
  3. Navigate to network settings and add the corresponding Custom Network.
  4. Import your Phantom wallet seed phrase or private key into the wallet to restore addresses from your Phantom wallet

This can also be done using a wallet other than MetaMask that supports these networks.

Next Steps After Token Recovery:

  1. Send Tokens to Exchange: If selling on an exchange is your choice, initiate the transfer of recovered tokens to a supported platform where you can exchange them for the correct token.

  2. Utilize Token Bridge: Opt for a token bridge to smoothly transfer the recovered tokens to the correct network. Follow the bridge's specific instructions for a secure and efficient transition.


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