How do I add a token?

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The option to add a token with the contract address is not an option in Phantom. However, you can still receive tokens that are not SOL, ETH, MATIC, or BTC by depositing them using the wallet address of the network that the token is on.


Let's take Solana-based tokens like USDT, USDC, BONK, PYTH, WEN, and many others as an example. To receive these tokens, you can follow these steps:

Step 1:

Select Receive on the home screen of your wallet.

Step 2:

Then select Solana to copy your receiving address.

Step 3:

Paste your Phantom Solana address into the send field of another account or wallet and send the tokens to your destination address.

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This process is the same for all of the networks that Phantom supports. Simply select the appropriate network, copy your wallet address, and deposit the tokens accordingly. Once the token is received it will automatically populate in your token list.

Note: This process is used by Phantom but not all wallets and exchanges operate this way.  Before sending tokens to another address make sure it is the correct token address and supported by the receiving end or you may not receive the tokens.


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