Managing Multiple Accounts

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Understanding how to manage your Phantom accounts is great for customization purposes and is also key to building your set of best practices and being more security minded. Here, we outline the various actions you can take to manage and edit your accounts. You'll also be able to view and export private information, such as your Secret Phrase and Private Key. It is crucial to keep this information confidential. DO NOT SHARE it with anyone, including the Phantom support team!

Account Management

When you click on the "Manage Accounts" option in your app settings, you will be presented with a listing of your currently loaded accounts along with balances.

Mobile View

Manage Accounts Mobile.png


Extension View

Manage Accounts Extension.png

As a general reminder, these accounts could have been imported via multiple means such as:

1. multiple accounts in your phantom generated from the same secret phrase

2. accounts from multiple secret phrases

3. accounts imported from private keys

4. Read-only accounts

5. Hardware wallet accounts

Editing and Personalizing your Accounts

When you click on a given account, you will be presented with the edit menu where you can further personalize your account handling and viewing.

Accounts - EDIT.png

For more details and how to guides, please check out some of our other useful resources below:

1. Adding a Custom Avatar to your Account

2. Editing Wallet Account Names

3. Account Addresses

4. Viewing Your Secret Recovery Phrase

5. Displaying and Exporting Your Private Key

6. Removing an Account


For Add/Connect Wallet functionality, click here.

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