Explore: What are Featured Collections (NFTs)?

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In both the browser extensions (all) and Android app of the Phantom wallet, you can view the current list of featured (NFT) collections by visiting Phantom's Explore section. To get here, first select the 🌐 icon along the bottom of your wallet view and then clicking on Apps ('Sites' on iOS).

You can find Featured Collections by locating the respective tab within the Explore section of Phantom and then clicking/tapping on the Collections tab.

These NFT collections are hand selected by the Phantom team to showcase projects and collections that are currently tending in the community. Once again, the great thing about all items featured in Phantom Explore have direct links to the projects, sites, tokens themselves so you don't have to worry about scams or nefarious actors at play! 

Check it out regularly as you can find a new set of Featured Collections on the explore page every week! 



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