Setting up Face ID (iOS) Authentication

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Setting up FaceID authentication for use within your Phantom app is easy. If you haven't done this step when creating a wallet upon first download, we'll walk you through the steps to enable this useful feature.

Granting Phantom access to Face ID authentication in Apple Settings

The first step in this process is to first allow Phantom to use Face ID at the OS level. Below are the steps to accomplish this.

Step 1: Enable Phantom to utilize Face ID

Open your "Settings" app and locate the Phantom app within the long list of installed apps on your device (alphabetical.)

Step 2: Grant Phantom Access to Face ID

Grant access to Phantom the FaceID authentication if you haven't already done so during the app's initial setup. This is done via a simple toggle to enable/disable button next to 'Face ID' as pictured below

FACEID 1.png


Enabling FaceID Authentication within the Phantom Wallet

Step 1: Enabling Face ID within your Phantom Wallet

Navigate to your Phantom app's settings, and then select "Security & Privacy." From here you can  toggle on the "Use Face ID Authentication" to complete setup as shown below.

FACEID 2.png

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