There's something wrong with one of my Tokens

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If you can't see my token in your wallet lets quickly take a look at the most common cases and their solution:

Is the token actually in your address?

In Solana blockchain this can be easily checked at or

Visit the site (in this example we will use put your receiving address in the Search box and it will show you a few tabs and a list of recent transactions. Check a tab called Portfolio:

As you can see it displays the fungible tokens, non fungible tokens (NFTs) and compressed NFTs in your wallet.

If you can't find the token there, it's not in your address. So it makes sense that Phantom won't display it. If the token is your Portfolio, then it is in your address but not shown by Phantom.


If it's not in your address but you think it should be

Are you expecting to receive it from an exchange or a sender? Ask them the Transaction ID or Signature, so you can check that they actually sent the funds to your address and it was successful. Anyone claiming to send you funds should handle that to you, otherwise there's no proof. If you receive the transaction Signature and it seems it was sent to your address but still not being displayed, please double check the destination this way: copy your wallet address directly from Phantom wallet and paste it here: on the other side of the difference checker you will paste the destination address pasted directly copied from In this example:

Copy the address in the Owner column, the address in green and positive sign is the one receiving that specific token, you'll basically compare it with the tool to make sure there's absolutely no difference, like a typo or a letter in a different capitalization, even that can send the funds irreversibly to another address and they can't be recovered.


Was the token recently send elsewhere after receiving it? Check your recent transactions after receiving the funds, since it might have been used by you and you can't remember right now, or maybe it was sent elsewhere in a malicious transaction and you should report that to us. One trick in is clicking SPL Transfers, it should list the transactions where fungible tokens where sent or receive.


It is in your address but you Phantom is not displaying it

Is the token dangerous? Phantom has security systems in place to prevent dangerous assets are displayed to users and they get tricked to follow malicious instructions or visit risky websites. As every system every once it a while an error or mistake can occur and our Support Team happily check if you think it's being hidden unnecessarily.

Is the token actually hidden in Phantom?  In Phantom if you scroll down in the token list there's a button to Manage token list. Some tokens due to security system finding them suspicious but not dangerous will end up hidden, they can always be unhidden by users and might eventually automatically come out of the hidden tokens. Collectibles also have it's own hidden elements.


The balance of my token is different than expected

If the problem is actually that the current balance of the token (not price) is different than expected, you should review the recent transactions in a blockchain explorer: was there any recent transaction involving that token that could explain having a different balance than expected? Maybe you send some of that token elsewhere or there was a malicious transaction that must be reported to our Support Team. Whatever the case, tokens don't simply "disappear", they leave a trace in the blockchain that you can see.


The USD price of my token is different than expected

Cryptocurrencies price can fluctuate as any other asset in real life, some coins can be exceptionally volatile due to it's low capitalization, heavy changes in interest or even a malicious token issuer harming the asset with malicious activities. As a rule of thumb the newer, less known and capitalized an asset is, the more cautions you have to be before investing in it, the risk of getting into a new coin a random guy just issued and published in an underground twitter account saying that you'll get a lot of money investing in it is way higher than buying Bitcoin from a well known years old platform.

If you still think the price is not correct because you've checked sources and Phantom price differs significantly from the marketplaces, remember that Phantom is not a crypto exchange, we can't update prices in almost real time, but if you still think the difference makes no sense, feel free to contact our Support Team and we will check it!


The USD price of my token is not being displayed

Phantom displays most of the well known token prices. If the token is new, low capitalization and low interest is shown in it, then it might not qualify for us to fetch it's price. Remember that specially in Solana there are thousands of tokens, and there's a lot of them that are simply scams or coins that are not in use anymore and we must be efficient when it comes to the use of resources, and fetching prices for every existing token every minute would be a very bad idea.

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