Sending tokens from an exchange through supported networks

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One of the reasons many users feel like they aren't receiving their tokens in their Phantom wallet is because they selected a network that isn't supported by Phantom. This is an easy mistake to make especially if it's your first time withdrawing funds into your self-custody wallet. When withdrawing tokens from an exchange and depositing tokens into your Phantom wallet, please ensure that you are depositing on a network supported by Phantom.

To check the supported networks go to Settings, Active Networks, currently Phantom supports the Solana, Ethereum, Polygon, and Bitcoin networks. If you are depositing funds from a centralized exchange, you should be presented with an option to choose the network for transferring the tokens before confirming the withdrawal. This is where you need to ensure that you are sending them on networks supported by Phantom.

Here's an example from the Binance exchange, where you're given the option to select the network during the withdrawal process.

ID Network Binance to Phantom.png

If you've sent funds to another EVM network that happens to be unsupported by Phantom, you may still be able to have access to your funds. Please refer to our help guide that can walk you through the process by checking out our recover tokens from unsupported network article.

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