How to connect your Phantom wallet to Tapswap

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Tapswap Bot: A Play-to-Earn Game on Telegram

Tapswap bot is a play-to-earn Telegram bot where players earn rewards by tapping. This game is available exclusively on mobile devices.

To earn bonus points in the Tapswap bot, one of the required steps is connecting your Phantom wallet to the bot. Below are the detailed steps to complete this process:

Steps to Connect Your Phantom Wallet to Tapswap Bot

Step 1: Install Phantom Wallet

If you haven't already installed the Phantom wallet, you can download it from the PlayStore or AppStore, or by using this link.

Step 2: Connect Your Wallet to Tapswap Bot

  1. Open Tapswap Bot:
    • Launch the Tapswap bot on your Telegram app.
    • Tap on the "Task" button at the bottom of the screen.
    • Select "Connect Solana wallet".
  2. Start the Mission:
    • Tap on "Start mission" and then select the "Go" option next to the Solana wallet.
  3. Connect to Phantom Wallet:
    • In the pop-up webview, you will see the option to connect to the Phantom wallet.
    • Click on "Connect". This will automatically open the Phantom wallet.
    • In the Phantom wallet, tap on "Connect".
    • If you are being redirected to the Phantom Wallet download page, make sure you are not using the desktop site for your browser. You can confirm this by clicking on the three dots (at the top right) and unchecking the "Desktop site" option.
  4. Sign the Message:
    • Return to the webview where you initially clicked on "Connect".
    • Select "Sign message". This will open the Phantom wallet again with a pop-up to approve the sign message.
    • Tap on "Approve".
  5. Verify the Connection:
    • Go back to the tasks page on the Tapswap bot.
    • Select "Check" to verify your wallet connection and select "Finish mission" and tap on "Claim" to receive your rewards.


By following these steps, you can successfully connect your Phantom wallet to the Tapswap bot and start earning bonus points. The Tapswap rewards do not have any value yet and they are not converted into tokens. You cannot trade them for usd or any other currency at the moment.

You can do even more with your Phantom wallet! To learn more about how to use your Phantom wallet, please refer to this guide

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