Staking Solana

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This article will guide you through the staking process and provide troubleshooting tips if you encounter any issues.

Currently, you can only stake SOL using the Phantom in-app staking feature. It's not possible to stake other Solana-based tokens or tokens from other networks through this method. However, you can explore using third-party dapps to stake these tokens if you're interested.

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How to Stake

    1. Click on the Solana token balance in your wallet.
    2. Then click the "Start earning SOL" button
    3. Next, choose a validator to stake with. See Which validator should I stake with?
    4. Choose an amount and then click "Stake"!

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Click on "Your stake" to view the status of the staking accounts. 

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Its not possible to add SOL to an active stake account. Instead, you have two options - you can either create a new staking account with the same validator or you could unstake your assets and add SOL.

How to withdraw Staked SOL

Your tokens will not be locked for any specific period of time. You can choose to unstake them whenever you want.

  1. Click on your Solana token balance in your wallet
  2. Click the "Your Stake" row
  3. Choose the validator or staking account you wish to unstake with
  4. Click the purple "Unstake" button in the bottom right.


Your staking account will begin to "Deactivate".  Once it is done you will need to manually withdraw the funds back to your wallet.


Why does it say "Activating or Deactivating"?

Solana staking uses periods of times called epochs to delineate time. They are usually 2-3 days long. Your stake only activates and deactivates at the beginning and end of an epoch.

Troubleshooting tips

  • Make sure you have enough SOL for gas (0.05 is enough for many transactions) otherwise your transaction will fail. 

  • You can see how far into an epoch we are by going to or Read more about staking status here.

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