What is staking on Solana?

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On Solana’s Proof of Stake (PoS) network, validators are responsible for processing new incoming transactions as well as for voting on and adding new blocks to the blockchain. SOL holders can participate in the network and earn rewards by delegating their tokens to stake with one of the hundreds of validators who run, maintain and secure the blockchain. Validators with more stake are chosen to write new transactions to the ledger and pass on more rewards to delegators for helping keep the network running as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Staking is the process by which a SOL token holder assigns some or all of their tokens to a particular validator or validators, which helps increase those validators’ voting weight. Assigning your tokens to add to a validator’s stake-weight is known as “delegating” your tokens. Delegating your tokens to a validator does NOT give the validator ownership or control over your tokens. At all times, you still control all your staked tokens that you may have chosen to delegate.

You can learn more about staking your Solana at solana.com/staking

Also, if you would like to stake using your Phantom wallet, please refer to our guide here.

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