How to use your Ledger Nano hardware wallet

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We currently don't support Ledger with Firefox. Please use Chrome, Brave or Edge.

This guide is for anyone that wants to use Phantom as a tool to manage Solana and SPL tokens on their Ledger hardware wallet. This guide assumes that you have previously installed Phantom. You can start using Phantom with your Ledger in just 2 easy steps:

  1. Prepare your Ledger to use Solana
  2. Connect your Ledger to Phantom

Prepare your Ledger to use Solana

If you have already installed the Solana App onto your Ledger, skip this step.

First, use the following guide to make sure your Ledger is set up to interact with Solana: At this time, you must also enable "blind signing" on you Ledger in order to perform SPL token related transactions (but this should be improved in the future!).

Connect your Ledger to Phantom

Make sure your Ledger is plugged into your computer and unlocked. Navigate to the Solana App onboard your Ledger. Next, open up your installed Phantom wallet. Open up the account menu by clicking on the menu button in the top left-hand side of the wallet and select the "Add / Connect Wallet" option from the menu.


On the next screen choose the "Connect hardware wallet" option.


You should now find yourself in the Ledger connection flow, follow the steps onscreen until you are prompted to select a USB device to connect to. Choose your Ledger device from the list and click "Connect".


Next, select the address that you wish to use with Phantom. After selecting an address, you should be done! Go back to Phantom to view your funds. Now you can send / deposit SOL or interact with Solana DApps using your Ledger. Repeat this process for any other addresses that you want to connect.

Still having trouble? Try these ideas

  1. Turn on "Blind Sign" - Go to the Solana App, then click right to settings, then turn on Blind Sign.
  2. Ensure the Ledger Live app is closed on your computer
  3. Check your cable is plugged in properly, it may need replacing if old. (Rarely this)
  4. Make sure you leave some SOL on the Ledger. 0.01 SOL is enough
  5. Send a simple transaction, like 0.01 SOL from Ledger to your Phantom Address. If it does not work try below:
    1. Restart the computer and try again
    2. Remove the ledger wallet from the Phantom UI. Ensure the Ledger is selected, click on settings, then "Remove Wallet". Then re-add, as laid out in the beginning of the article.
    3. Try adding your Ledger in a brand new browser, eg Brave (if you are using Chrome). Add and connect to the fresh install of Phantom.
  6. Contact an Agent, if problems still persist.

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