How to use your Ledger Nano hardware wallet

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If you want to use your ledger hardware wallet on a mobile device, please refer to this article: How to use Ledger on your iPhone or Android with Phantom

Preparing your Ledger to use Solana, Ethereum, Polygon and Bitcoin

If you have already installed the Solana, Ethereum, Polygon and Bitcoin apps onto your Ledger and you've already turned on (enable) "Blind Signing" for Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon skip this step.  Also skip this step for the Bitcoin App since it does not require blind signing.

Allowing Blind Signing in the Solana (SOL) app

Allowing Blind Signing in the Ethereum (ETH) app

Connecting your Ledger to Phantom

1) Make sure your Ledger is plugged into your computer, unlocked, and at the home screen.

2) Next, open up your installed Phantom wallet extension. Open up the account switcher menu by clicking on the hamburger icon at the top-left corner of the wallet.

3) Click the "+" button that says "Add / Connect Wallet".

4) Then click the "Connect Hardware Wallet" button.

Ledger connect flow.png

5) A new tab will open and Phantom will detect your Ledger device.

Ledger connect flow 2.png


Checkout the step by step process in this animated GIF:

ledger final.gif

Your Phantom extension will guide you through detecting all of your accounts/wallets on supported networks. With each network, you will be prompted to open the respective app individually on your Ledger.

After those steps, you should be done! Go back to Phantom to view your funds. Now you can send / deposit funds using the Ledger accounts you've connected in the networks you selected to interact with Solana, Ethereum, Polygon and Bitcoin dApps using your Ledger device.

You can repeat this process to connect addresses in one specific network (chain) only, or connect any other addresses you unselected before that you want to connect now. You can also connect addresses from other Ledger devices if you have different ones like Nano S, Nano S Plus, and Nano X.

Still having trouble?

See: Why won't my Ledger work with Phantom? 

Or visit: Ledger support

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