What if I lost my secret recovery phrase, seed phrase, or private key?

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DO NOT share your Secret Recovery Phrase or Private Key with anyone! If someone has access to your either, they will have access to your wallet. Phantom support will NEVER ask you for your secret phrase or your private key.

If you still have the Phantom app installed you can view the seed phrase or private key in the app by following these steps:

  1. Open your wallet and select the wallet name or the pencil icon at the top of the wallet. 
  2. This will show the settings then click show secret recovery phrase or show private key.

If you don't have Phantom installed and you lost your Secret Recovery Phrase or Private Keys you will never be able to access your crypto again. There is nothing the Phantom team or anyone else can do to help you access your wallet. Always back up your secret phrase offline and store it somewhere safe. 

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