How to deposit SOL

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Now that you have some SOL, it’s time to transfer it from the exchange to your wallet.

First, you need to get your SOL address. To find your address, open up the Phantom wallet application.


Click “Deposit SOL” or “Receive” to find your wallet address.


Now hit the “copy” button. What you have copied is your wallet address where you can receive the Solana token.

Now go back to Coinbase, or the exchange you are using, and the “withdraw SOL” option or “Send / Receive” on Coinbase. You can find this on the “wallet” section in the exchange and the page where you purchased Solana.


Once you find this feature, paste your SOL address you just copied from your Phantom wallet into the address bar. Enter how much SOL you would like to withdraw.


Then hit “Send now”!

Afterwards, check your Phantom wallet to see if the SOL is deposited.

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