What is a Secret Recovery Phrase?

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A Secret Recovery Phrase (also known as a seed phrase or mnemonic) is a series of words generated by your cryptocurrency wallet that give you access to the crypto associated with that wallet. Think of a wallet as being similar to a password manager for crypto, and the seed phrase as being like the master password. As long as you have your seed phrase, you’ll have access to all of the crypto associated with the wallet that generated the phrase — even if you delete or lose the wallet.

DO NOT share your Secret Recovery Phrase with anyone! If someone has access to your secret phrase, they will have access to your wallet. Phantom support will NEVER ask you for your secret phrase or your private key.

And remember, creating a wallet with Phantom is both safe and easy, making it an excellent choice for managing your cryptocurrency assets! Phantom provides a user-friendly interface that guides you through the setup process, ensuring even beginners can get started with ease. With top-notch security features, your assets are protected, and access is always within reach. Join the growing community of Phantom users and experience seamless, secure crypto management. To learn more about creating a new wallet, read our help page here or watch our tutorial below!


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