How to see my staking reward payments & how my rewards are paid?

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You can check you staking rewards in the Phantom app.

Step 1. Click on the "Solana" token , and then "Your Stake"


Step 2. Click on your Stake Account



Step 3. Check the rewards section.


The rewards are not able to be withdrawal, unless you unstake your SOL. Instead, the rewards are added to your stake (compounding), and you earn more SOL

The "Rewards" section shows only what rewards you have accrued for that epoch (an epoch is 2-3 days).

How to check all your Staking Rewards?

To see all the rewards, you can do this at

Step 1. Paste you Wallet Address (my demo address is "3b32zzg.......") into the Search area

Step 2. Click on "Stakes"



Step 3. Click on an account



Step 3. Click on "Stake Rewards"

a. The "Epoch" number shows the reward amount and date.
b. You can click "Download CSV" and receive all the info as well, in a spreadsheet form.



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