I imported my wallet but some accounts are missing, how do I restore all of my accounts?

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The easiest way to restore all of your accounts is to make sure each account has some SOL/ETH/MATIC in it so that Phantom can detect it.  If you don't know the wallet address you can find it by accessing the transaction history of a wallet that was previously used to send funds to the wallet or by checking your exchange transaction history.
If you imported the missing wallet using a private key, it won't use the same seed phrase as your current wallet. You'll need the original seed phrase or use the private key.
The Phantom Wallet uses 12-24 words from the BIP-39 word list, which is a standard used by many crypto wallets. If you have any other seed phrases, it's worth trying those to try and restore your wallet.

Follow these steps and let me know if your issue is resolved:

  1. Make sure your Secret Recovery Phrase is written down correctly and backed up
  2. Send a little SOL/ETH/MATIC to each account you would like to restore
  3. Go into Settings > Security & Privacy > Reset App(This start the import process over)
  4. Re-import your wallet using your Secret Recovery Phrase
  5. All of you accounts should be detected and available through Phantom again

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