Why won't my Ledger work with Phantom?

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If you're having issues using your Ledger Nano X or S with Phantom here are some common ways you can resolve your issues: 

  1. Turn on "Blind Sign" - Go to the Solana App, then click right to settings, then turn on Blind Sign.
  2. Make sure you are using Chrome or Brave, Ledger isn't currently supported on FireFox
  3. Ensure the Ledger Live app is closed on your computer
  4. Check your cable is plugged in properly, it may need replacing if old. (Rarely this)
  5. Make sure you leave some SOL on the Ledger. 0.01 SOL is enough
  6. Send a simple transaction, like 0.01 SOL from Ledger to your Phantom Address. If it does not work try below:
    1. Restart the computer and try again
    2. Remove the ledger wallet from the Phantom UI. Ensure the Ledger is selected, click on settings, then "Remove Wallet". Then re-add, as laid out in the beginning of the article.
    3. Try adding your Ledger in a brand new browser, eg Brave (if you are using Chrome). Add Phantom.app and connect to the fresh install of Phantom.
  7. Try following these steps provided by Ledger support.
  8. Contact an Agent, if problems still persist.

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