How to collect browser Console and Network logs for troubleshooting issues

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In order to get the output from the Network and Console tabs in the Web Inspector users can export each one separately and can also export a .HAR file that also includes other browsing data.

In a Chrome based browser (Google Chrome, Edge, Brave) you need to ask the user to follow the steps below:

  • Visit this settings page in the URL text field:chrome://extensions/

  • Click on the Phantom extension 'Details' button.

  • Enable the 'Developer Mode'

  • Click the 'background page' link, a popup window will appear.

  • Visit the 'Network' and 'Console' tabs



You can clear the content that is appearing in these tabs in order to get a clean window so only the errors related to the specific issue's reproduction steps are logged.

In the Network tab, make sure to click the 'All' button and click the 'Clear' button 🚫 before executing the reproduction steps for the issue.

Make sure to also use the clear button 🚫 on the 'Console' tab, before following the reproduction steps. If you see any output in this tab, specially if they are errors, share them with the Support team. Right-click on any of the errors and use the 'Save as…' option to save a .logs file.

If you've cleared the tabs content before following the reproduction steps, you can right-click on any output of the 'Network' tab and click 'Save all as HAR with content', then you can share this file with the Support team for troubleshooting.


If the 'Network' tab that was opened form the 'background page' link doesn't show any activity while you are using the Phantom extension, try opening the 'Inspector' or 'Web Inspector' instead by doing a right-click on the extension window itself (any part of the inner window of the extension, e.g. the Swap page) and this new window should show you the network calls that the extension is performing.


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