How to migrate from the Slope Wallet app

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Moving assets from the Slope Wallet app to Phantom’s mobile app is an easy three-step process. 

  1. Install Phantom
  2. Find your secret recovery phrase (private key)
  3. Import your secret recovery phrase to Phantom

1.  Install the Phantom mobile app

If you already have Phantom installed, skip this step.

Phantom is available for mobile devices (iOS & Android) and a number of browsers. To install the Phantom, please visit


2.  Find your secret recovery phrase(mnemonic backup) in Slope

If you already have your seed words safely stored and accessible, skip this step.

Open and unlock your Slope Wallet to the asset view of the wallet you want to import. Next, click the three-dot menu button on the upper right and look for the "Manage Wallet" button under “My Profile.”

Now you should see a view of your wallets. Select the one you want to import and you should see a new view with two options. Make sure to tap “Mnemonic backup.”


Please note this step is extremely sensitive! Slope’s “Mnemonic backup” is the equivalent of what Phantom refers to as the Secret Recovery Phrase. Never share this with anyone. If someone has your Secret Recovery Phrase, they will have total control over your wallet. Phantom will NEVER ask you for your Secret Recovery Phrase.

To safely transfer over, we recommend manually writing the 12-word Secret Recovery Phrase down in a safe place that is offline.

3.  Import your secret recovery phrase in Phantom

When you successfully install the Phantom mobile app, you should see a welcome screen as below. Click "I already have a wallet" and you should now be in the Phantom onboarding experience.

Now you will now need to type in the 12-word Secret Recovery Phrase or "Mnemonic Backup" that you wrote down from Slope Wallet.


After submitting your secret recovery phrase, you should find that Phantom has all of your previously used addresses derived!

Please note you can only use one Secret Recovery Phrase with Phantom at a time. If you already have a wallet set up and you would like to use a different one, go into Settings," scroll down to the bottom and click "Reset Secret Recovery Phrase". 

For your security, please make sure you have written down your Secret Recovery Phrase and stored it somewhere safe.


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