How to migrate from the Solflare app

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For Solflare Wallet app users, moving your assets to the Phantom iOS app and Android app is an easy three-step process. 

  1.  Install Phantom
  2.  Find your secret recovery phrase in the Solflare app
  3.  Import your secret recovery phrase to Phantom

1.  Install the Phantom mobile app

If you already have Phantom installed, skip this step.

Phantom is currently available for mobile devices and a number of browsers. To install the Phantom, please visit

2.  Find your secret recovery phrase (mnemonic phrase) in Solflare

If you already have your seed words safely stored and accessible, skip this step.

To start, open and unlock your Solflare Wallet to click on the Settings icon in the bottom right. Next, tap on the wallet name at the top >  Select "Edit" > Select the gear icon (⚙️) next to the wallet > Select "Export Recovery Phrase".

Please note this step is extremely sensitive! Solflare's “Recovery phrase'' is the equivalent of what Phantom refers to as the Secret Recovery Phrase. Under no circumstances, should you ever share this with anyone. If someone has your Secret Recovery Phrase, they will have total control over your wallet. Phantom will NEVER ask you for your Secret Recovery Phrase or private key. 

To safely transfer over your recovery phrase to Phantom, we recommend manually writing the 12-word backup down in a safe place that is offline.


Once you have your recovery phrase ready, you can use them to import your wallets in the Phantom app. If you are already a Phantom user, you can follow the steps mentioned in this article to import your wallets. 

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