I was phished, scammed or hacked, can you help?

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Unfortunately, transactions made on the blockchain are final and irreversible. The decentralized nature of blockchains means that Phantom is unable to reverse or block transactions once they have been made.

I might have connected to a malicious website and they stole my tokens!

If you connected to a website that sent you a malicious transaction, you should immediately disconnect the app  Settings > Connected Apps > Disconnect All or Select the dapp, then you will need to revoke token approvals by following this guide Revoke Token Approvals

I might have given someone or a website my Secret Recovery Phrase

If you shared your 12 or 24-word Secret Recovery Phrase with a scammer or pasted it into a phishing website, you should stop using this wallet immediately. The scammer now has complete control over your wallet.

Always be careful and never trust anyone asking you to share your seed phrase under any circumstances. Never enter your seed phrase on any website, you do NOT need your seed phrase to connect to a website. Phantom support will NEVER ask you to do this. We advise that you stop using the hacked wallet immediately and create a new one.

I don't know how I got scammed!

There are numerous ways a scam can take place, we have outlined some of them below:

  • Your computer has malware in the form of a key-logger, clipboard hijacker, or a malicious extension that is snooping on your screen.
  • You fell for a phishing scam where you put your secret recovery phrase into a website or app that appeared to be Phantom.
  • You have installed a fake Phantom app on your browser extension/mobile.
  • Someone had accessed the seed phrase from your secure location.

Phantom is a user-controlled wallet, we never have access to your seed phrases. If there is anything more you can think of that might shed more light on what happened, we can look into it. Remember, all transactions made on the blockchain are irreversible and difficult to track. 

If you have information on phishing websites, fake websites, or any relevant information about the scam, help us by reporting them: How to report a scammer?



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