How can I send SOL to an exchange?

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First, you will need to open up your Phantom wallet and click on "Solana" from your home page.  




You will then need to click on the "Send" button.




This will then prompt you to enter the wallet address and the amount of SOL you would like to send.




Now we need to find our Solana address on the exchange we would like to use. 

On your exchange, find the receiving Solana address and copy them correctly. Double-check that the copied address is correct. This step is very crucial, if the address is copied incorrectly there is nothing we can do to cancel or reverse a transaction.



Now that this address is copied go back into Phantom and paste this where it says                    "Recipient's SOL Address" and enter the amount that you would like to send and hit "Next"



Double check that this information is correct and hit "Send".



Now you can head to your recent activity page to see your transaction.

Clicking on this will send you to the blockchain explorer and give you more details about your transaction.


Note: The deposit might not reflect immediately as some exchanges take time to verify your deposit and process them on your exchange account. Read more about it here.

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