Why did my swap fail?

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At present, in-app swaps are not available for EVM accounts. If you are facing an issue with the third-party DEX, we suggest you reach out to them. This article describes the scenarios for the Solana network only.

A swap fail can occur due to: 

  • Insufficient SOL balance to pay for the transaction fees.

Similar to other blockchains, the Solana blockchain transactions require a transaction fee paid using its native token - SOL. Thanks to Solana's scalability, the fees are very cheap.

 We recommend that you always keep a minimum of 0.05 SOL in your wallet for transaction fees.

  • Solana network congestion

Network congestion can cause the swap to fail, this is something we don't have control over.

You can keep an eye on the status page and try again later.

  • Liquidity Provider

In some instances, a swap may fail due to the recommended provider.  In this scenario, you can select the provider option and then change the provider to another one on the list.

  • Slippage

Currently, Phantom uses the default setting of slippage limited to 0.5%.  What this means is if the price of the swap varies greater than 0.5% from the price presented to you, the swap will fail to prevent you from losing value.


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