How to list Solana NFTs on Magic Eden

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You can list your Solana NFTs on Magic Eden directly through Phantom.

Start by visiting the collectibles tab and selecting the SOL NFT you would like to list.

Then choose the "List" option. You will then need to enter a price to list your NFT at, or select "Use Floor".

List on ME 1.png

Selecting "Use Floor" will automatically enter the floor price of the NFT collection which is indicated below the NFT's image on the right. 

After entering the price you would like to list your NFT for, you will be given more listing details.

Once you have reviewed these details you may hit "List Now".

List on ME 2.png

Now that your NFT is listed you can click "View on Magic Eden" to view your listing.

While your NFTs are listed on Magic Eden they will have a "Listed" tag in the top left of the image.           

How to Remove/Edit your listing

If you would like to remove your listing or maybe change the price that your NFT is listed at, you can do this within Phantom. 

To do this start by clicking on the listed NFT that you would like to edit.

Then select "Edit Listing".

Editing an existing listing: 

You can now enter a new listing price in SOL or click on "Use Floor" to use the floor price of the NFT trading at Magic Eden.

List on ME 3.png

Remember to hit "Save" and "List now" after editing your listing. 

List on ME 4.png

Remove listing:

Click on "Remove listing" and confirm it on the next screen to remove your NFT listed on Magic Eden.

List on ME 5.png



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