How to Deposit SOL or SPL Tokens

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If you want to buy SOL using your bank account, check this article.

First, you need to get your Solana address. To find it open up the Phantom Wallet and click the Wallet Name or the Wallet Address in the upper section, this will copy the full Phantom Receiving Address.

In case you want to generate a QR Code to allow scanning of your address with a mobile wallet, select Deposit on the main screen and then choose the token.


Once you've copied the Phantom Receiving Address go back to Coinbase, or the exchange you are using, and look for the “Withdraw” option or “Send / Receive” on Coinbase. You can find this on the “wallet” section in the exchange and the page where you purchased Solana.


After finding this feature, paste your SOL address you just copied from your Phantom wallet into the address bar, then the amount you would like to withdraw and confirm the transaction.


Remember only to transfer assets in the Solana Network, transferring a token to your Solana Address in another network might cause you to lose the funds.

Note: Withdrawals from exchanges can take from hours to days, if a withdrawal process is taking too long, check the Transaction ID or Signature on a Solana blockchain explorer ( or and verify if it was successfully executed, if it wasn’t or you just cannot find the transaction, it is very likely that the exchange hasn’t processed it yet and you might need to contact them.

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