How to burn unwanted NFTs on Phantom

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You now have the ability to burn unwanted NFTs directly within Phantom.

Burning an NFT will remove it from your wallet and you will receive the SOL that was being held in the token account (around .002 SOL).


        Note: This feature is not available on MagicEden verified NFTs. 


To burn an NFT

  • Click on the unwanted NFT and click the three dots in the top right corner. 
  • Select "Burn all tokens..."


You will then be presented with the confirmation screen.

  • Double check that this is the correct NFT that you would like to burn and then check the box saying that "this cannot be undone". 
  • Click the red "Burn" button to complete this process.


Please note, burning an NFT is irreversible, and we have no way to undo this once you proceed, so make sure to only burn unwanted NFTs!

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