How to verify links present in the NFT description?

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Never click on links mentioned in the unsolicited NFT airdrops. Connecting your wallet to suspicious links may lead to loss of funds. Blockchain transactions are irreversible and final! 


I received an NFT airdrop 

Airdrops are one of the most efficient ways to trick users into connecting to a malicious website. The malicious websites are designed to look very similar to an NFT project, or a dapp you are familiar with, making it difficult for you to spot the differences. 

  • Double check about the airdrop and the website link (very important) with the relevant community and confirm. You should always verify the information with the team members in a public forum. Do not DM them, instead use the public channels in Discord, Twitter, etc. to validate the source of the airdrop. 
  • Don't fall for the HYPE! Scammers always use this to their advantage! You must watch out for these red flags in the NFT description - "Free", "Gift", "Limited", "Offer", "Invitation", "Giveaway", "Official", "Congrats", "Celebration giveaways", "Mystery box", "Rewards", "Upgrade" etc. 
  • If you didn't expect to receive the NFT, don't click the link EVER!

I have an unknown NFT in my wallet

  • If you find an NFT that you are unaware of, you can use the burn function (on Solana network tokens only) to remove the NFT from your wallet and receive a little SOL
  • Magic Eden verified NFTs will not have the burn function, this will prevent users from burning verified collections accidentally. 

Unverified collections are NFTs that are not verified by Magic Eden, it doesn't mean that all unverified NFTs are scams but it is one step closer to identifying potential Solana NFTs that may be malicious in nature. EVM NFTs do not have the burn feature.  



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